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Let me tell you a story about how to get a lovely picture into Wikipedia.
Images in Wikipedia have been released from copyright, 'donated' for common use. They get uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.
Use your existing Wikipedia account or create one.
Create an account:

An anonymous name is recommended. Introduce why you have created an account on your userpage. EG: This account is created to add images I have copyright of for use on Wikipedia.

Upload wizard tips

The copyright holder name is the one you put into the license release

(not the anonymous username, but who has permission to release the image).

I usually use the license - Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).

You can upload a low resolution image if you are worried about other use as this restricts it

 (eg. low res is ok for the internet).

Always add some sort of category.

This is one to use “Category:Performing Arts Aotearoa - Wiki Project”.

Other categories you might find useful: 

Theatre Companies in New Zealand ~ Playwrights from New Zealand ~ Actors from New Zealand

Designers from New Zealand ~ Dance in New Zealand ~ Dancers from New Zealand

Choreographers from New Zealand ~ Theatre directors from New Zealand ~ Theatre of New Zealand

Opera vocalists from New Zealand ~ Entertainment venues in New Zealand


Meta data

In the 'items portrayed in this file depicts page' tag the subject (people) and the company if you can.  

Help available

Please message me if you get confused or confounded  - this is normal for new users (

Ideas for new images

It is easy to take pictures of buildings, places, theatres and venues and then upload them as you are the photographer and own copyright.

About copyright

The copyright holder is usually the photographer or the organisation that contracted them (depending on the contract). Professional photographers often don't give away their copyright because quite rightly it's their earnings and their creative work.


Historical images go out of copyright after time.


Unless there is a open license image there can't be a picture of your work or you on Wikipedia.

With an attribution license (like CC BY-SA 4.0) it gets traced back to your organisation and you.


Wikipedia articles with images get more traffic. 

Adding images to Wikipedia articles

Wikipedia articles have an 'add image' button where you can search for the file name or the image. You can also copy and paste the thumbnail address from Wikimedia Commons. Different editors do it different ways. Have a go - great to get an intro to Wikipedia editing first.


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