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A Dynamic and Irresolvable Tussle

I have created an installation with Sheila Horton on Cuba Street inspired by and referencing the work of Vivian Lynn. It is one of the displays of the Cuba Street Shopfront Takeover on Saturday 20 February as part of the festival 'What if the City Was a Theatre'.

In this installation I have made a 'Guardian Gate' - it is my design / pattern but obviously references the work of artists Vivian Lynn. It is going to be displayed in the window of Ziggurat on 144 Cuba Street.

Triangles because this is a recurring motif in many of my paintings. References to ziggurat's. One of the reviews of Guardian Gates mentions 'ziggurat like' in reference to the hair being wound a certain way. The gate is displayed on it's side - there are three 'ziggurats' / ancient temples.

Then there is a costume covered with drawings and paintings of mine, modelled by both myself and Madeline McNamara. We will be drawing the people watching us and making art.

The title of the installation, 'A Dynamic and Irresolvable Tussle' is a quote from Christina Barton.

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