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Set painting in progress SET DESIGN - LISA MAULE
#theatre #packin #panto
Lighting gel sample book fanned out.
BATS Theatre front door with Nick's truck parked outside. Image by Lisa Maule
Design Lab MAR 2019 Circa 2 cropped.jpg

Design Lab

Performing Arts & Events
New Zealand
The Design Lab, was a design focused meeting place for ideas. 

Over six months in 2019 the Design Lab was experienced and emerging designers coming together to share and strengthen ideas. It was organised by Lisa Maule as a way of building community around work-in-progress.

People brought their work and design questions to discuss in a relaxed atmosphere. All stages of the project were discussed - from forming idea through to after the pack out and all areas of performing arts and events design are included.


It was inspirational to be able to hear from others what they made of the ideas and problems encountered as we are in a process.  

The Design Lab was a start up in partnership with BATS Theatre, produced by Luminaire NZ Ltd, and supported by the Wellington City Council's Creative Communities grant.

Comments and questions welcome

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