Mar 14

Research discussed

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  • Circa Theatre foyer was full of the Side By Side By Sondheim audience which also started at 6.30pm. A few curious people looked in at Circa 2 under working lights empty of any staging. Design discussions started as people arrived for the Lab which was a good sign. Introductions allowed us to get to know each - including a completed PHD, a description of a very active community theatre company and a balance between design practice and personal artistic practice. The questions and projects included tonight were: A balance of getting paid for work, setting rates of pay, and negotiating this. Projecting a moving image on and through haze. An interactive installation proposal and how people imagined it would work, what could add to it. Motivations for making work between process, product and sharing knowledge. How can projection convey information with a non speaking performer, and how this relates to a soundscape too. What can be the balance between these three. Design ideas for a musical based on some research - seeking advice on realisation and also process.

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